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Hypnotherapy for Menopause

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Menopause

Use the unlimited power of your mind to create the change you desire to see within.

With Hypnotherapy, you open yourself to an incredibly safe, 100% natural way to get beyond the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, to take back control of your "mind" and your body.

Together, we'll help you make it a positive, empowering experience as you transition into your wise woman years. 

Tired Of Feeling Like You've Lost Control Of Your Body And Your Mind?

  • The anxiety, depression and sometimes even panic attacks

  • The motivation to get up and go has got up and gone away

  • The night sweats and disruptions to your precious sleep

  • The severe hot flushes that make you feel out of control

  • The loss of confidence and inability to cope.

  • The weight gain, mood swings, joint pain, hair loss, irritability, fatigue and many other debilitating unpleasant symptoms?

  • How Would It Be If You No Longer Had To Put Up With All Of That S***?!!

    With Hypnotherapy, you can control how your body and mind respond physiologically and psychologically using this Natural Menopause Remedy in a completely safe and natural way.

    I have documented over 50 commonly known symptoms of menopause which tend to vary in occurrence depending on the individual, and several scientific studies support the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in significantly reducing the effects of some of these symptoms

    Hypnotherapy is also considered by many experts as an ideal Natural Menopause Remedy for women who don’t want to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), or those who can’t take. 

    It is also a very effective option for those who are taking HRT and would like to compliment it with a Natural Menopause Remedy working alongside it.

    Some of the most common symptoms of menopause include; fatigue, brain fog, aching joints, hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, a feeling of permanent PMT, and the list goes on.

    If you are interested in finding out some surprising things about all the possible symptoms (hint: benefits) of menopause, download my comprehensive checklist by clicking on this button below, so that you can be fully informed.

    What Is Hypnotherapy, And Why Is It So Effective?

    Hypnotherapy is a simple natural way of using your brain’s latent power to enable you to achieve a positive change. It is a simple and highly effective therapy that can help you to improve your feelings and behaviour.

    In Hypnotherapy, you’re aware of everything that is going on around you. It’s internally focused where you are completely absorbed in your imagination or an idea that makes you feel like you are daydreaming.

    This Natural Menopause Remedy using Hypnotherapy is a time to relax, explore your inner world and focus on positive suggestions. It is a skill that is easy to learn and valuable in everyday life to manage stress or anxiety.

    Hypnotherapy is highly safe, reliable and calming. A therapeutic way that you can help yourself to better manage some of the undesirable symptoms of menopause. Using Hypnotherapy can help you to have positive feelings and supportive behaviours , reducing both the frequency and severity of these symptoms, whether they are physical (like hot flushes, excessive sweating or disturbed sleep) or psychological (like anxiety, irritation and depression).

    What Can Hypnotherapy Do For Menopause Symptoms

    Menopause is called ‘the change’ for a good reason. Maybe it should actually be called 'the positive change'.

    This can be a time in a woman’s life where things that you may have tried to unconsciously suppress for many years come bubbling up to the surface.

    So it really is a great time to deal with any physical, mental and emotional issues as they come to the fore. An opportunity for personal growth and explore the emotions and beliefs that lie underneath your awareness in the unconscious.

    With Hypnotherapy, you can alter your thoughts, feelings and emotions and change the way you respond to events and situations around you.

    This is an important rite of passage, a potent time in a woman’s life where nurturing self-care can be prioritised to help her body understand what is happening and balance it into its new way of being. Thus, giving you courage and strength as you become a more mature, wise and powerful woman.

    Hypnotherapy uses the power of your unconscious mind to enable you to achieve these positive changes. It is a collaborative process between you and the therapist where the therapist helps to guide you with positive suggestions and visualisations to fully support your success.

    Grab Your Free Hypnosis Recording

    This Natural Menopause Remedy is designed to help minimise the intensity and frequency of these menopause symptoms, helping you feel more in control.

    Over time, you're also being trained to practice self-hypnosis at home. Again, either with the help of a recording or without one.

    I have created a hypnotherapy recording (MP3) completely free for you to get an idea of how it feels to relax completely and let these positive suggestions wash over your unconscious mind. This recording is designed to help you to remain positive through this natural transition and give you the confidence you need to accept and manage the changes happening in your body, mind and spirit. Click button below to sign up for free download.

    Free Hypnosis for Menopause MP3

    At Natural Menopause Remedy, I help you to navigate through this sometimes difficult stage in life. Using the most effective, highly recommended, natural modes of treatment to help you deal with any unpleasant consequences of a natural process like menopause, helping you feel more like you again.

    How Is It A Natural Menopause Remedy?

    The hypnotic trance state is a natural state of mind that helps create an environment within the brain that changes how information received (created) is processed. Hypnotherapy treatment does not involve drugs or other non-hormonal forms of treatment and has no known side effects.

    CBD Oil

    As a natural menopause remedy, as well as Hypnotherapy, I also recommend the use of Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a naturally occurring active compound found in hemp or cannabis plants that contains highly beneficial healing compounds known as terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds have been shown to be very effective in the treatment of menopause symptoms in women.

    I Want This CBD Oil Now!

    Are you ready to face this new chapter of your life with renewed energy and vitality?

    Are you ready to receive your own personalized natural menopause remedy to help those menopause symptoms that won't let you be the best version of yourself?


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