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Are you looking for a Natural Menopause Remedy? A way to ease you through this journey in a natural way? An effective menopause remedy designed to support you through this change, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually? This can be a massive opportunity for growth.

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What is the menopause?

There are so many unpleasant symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. (The peri-menopause are the years leading up to when the female body runs out of eggs.) And the beginning of a decline in certain hormones being produced.

Because of this hormonal imbalance, there may well be symptoms that can begin to seriously affect you over this time frame.

When do women go through the menopause?

Menopause is classed as 12 months after your last period, and the average age for menopause in the UK is 51. Though ages can vary wildly, some of us experience early onset menopause, which can have its added difficulties.

The three major hormones involved in this emotional rollercoaster are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. And the changes that occur create an imbalance in the body.

This imbalance of hormones generally causes uncomfortable and sometimes extreme symptoms in our body physically. It also affects us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Adrenal Glands

Our adrenal glands already produce these three important hormones, amongst others, and take over during this time of menopause. They act as a backup to the ovaries, increasing their role to counteract this imbalance. And if your adrenal glands are weak because of the stressful and demanding lives that we sometimes live, this can affect you as they take on this extra responsibility. Therefore keeping stress to a minimum is essential to help the adrenal glands.

It’s so important to begin to structure your life to keep any stress levels to a minimum (which can seem harder said than done). This will promote a far healthier functioning of your adrenal glands, which is essential for you to regain that balance.

As part of these recommended remedies, it's also a good idea to reprogram how you mentally and emotionally engage with your life at this time.

It is very much a time to love and care for yourself and invest in the things that will help to keep you relaxed as much as possible.

Using a natural menopause remedy that can fully support you by supporting your adrenal system and the chemicals that help create the balance you want.

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Did you know...

...that fat cells also produce estrogen? They do this to compensate for the loss of production from the ovaries. So being on a low-fat diet during menopause can negatively impact and add to this imbalance.

Because your adrenal glands are working so much harder supporting you as your ovaries’ function diminishes, there will be a spike in the stress-response hormone cortisol. Having too much cortisol in your system can destroy your bones and lessen muscle tissue. Cortisol also affects your sleep patterns and is at the root of other menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy and using CBD Oil to help you lower cortisol levels, hence negating these symptoms. Please click below to find out more.

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How To Support The Adrenal System With A Natural Menopause Remedy.

This is where organic CBD Oil and Hypnotherapy can help. A natural menopause remedy that can relax you and help promote balance within your physical system—creating the changes that will fully support your body and mind and, most importantly of all, your emotional state of well-being.

I have used this natural menopause remedy with many of my clients, including myself. I have found it to bring back a sense of control and normality, allowing you quickly to become yourself again.

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